Meizu EP-51 Bluetooth Sport Wireless Headphones – Review


Meizu EP52 is an improved version of EP51, the previous model of the manufacturer. These bluetooth headphones are positioned as sports, however, as unsporting they are also good. The EP52 has a good and loud sound, they work for a long time, but there are nuances with control.

 Meizu EP-51 Bluetooth Headphones

As you can see in the photo and video, the EP52 comes in a beautiful box, but, more importantly, the kit includes a good set of ear cups. There is also a carrying case (with a magnetic button), a charging cable, an instruction in English. If the instruction were translated into a language that is understandable to our market, then the kit would receive a solid “five”.

Official characteristics of Meizu EP52:

  • Headphone length: 550 mm
  • Type: In-channel
  • Bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCH, HSP, HFP
  • Radius: 10 yards
  • Battery: 130 mAh
  • Music playback time: 8 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Standby time: up to 150 hours
  • Waterproof to IPX5
  • Weight: 22 g

Design and usability

There are several options for implementing wireless headphones.

The most common – the headphones are connected by a thin wire, on which a control unit with an integrated battery is attached. The pros of this option is simple, but the control unit can hang out while walking or running.
There are options when there is no wire at all, and headphones … it’s just two headphones. They already have a built-in battery and a control panel. It is convenient, but the price is high, a short work time, besides they are easy to lose.


And the third option presupposes the existence of a “nasal block” (it is also called a “collar”).

Meizu went the third way. The cervical block EP52 is quite thin and light, it is not felt on the neck, does not interfere with the clothes. But there are questions to management. However, everything in order.

Sound. To the sound of no complaints – you can listen to rock music with pleasure. In addition, these are loud headphones, to the maximum I twisted the volume only if the recording of the song is very quiet.

As the headset EP52 also showed itself well. The interlocutor was well audible, and the interlocutor could hear me.

Convenience. Headphones well sit in the ears, do not fall out. In addition, the kit includes ear pads of several sizes. Due to a deep landing, external sounds are damped out, so that the music can be easily listened to in the metro.

The cervical block is plastic, there is no feeling that it can break in the pocket. In general, the design is quite successful, during the operation you quickly forget that there is something on the neck.

In the headphones themselves there are magnets. They perform two functions: firstly, when magnetized, stop the music playing, and secondly, in this form the headphones do not get confused in the pocket.

Functions and management

The control unit is integrated into the left part of the “collar”. By the way, Meizu for some reason lazy to indicate where the right, and where the left earpiece. Recognize them is not difficult, in another way it’s simply inconvenient to insert headphones into your ears, but still.

In total, the EP52 has three control buttons. The “plus” and “minus” keys, which are used to adjust the sound and switch between tracks, as well as the power button. To switch to the next track, you need to hold down the plus button for two seconds, similar to manipulating the minus button to rewind. Pressing the power button puts the song on pause. To answer the call, you also need to press the power button.

As I already wrote, if you connect the two headphones together with the back side, they are magnetized, and the music playback stops. After 5 minutes of waiting, the headphones are turned off.

Meizu EP52 are protected by the IPX5 standard. The Sony website gives such a transcript: “protected from jets of water under low pressure for a minimum of 3 minutes.” If it’s easier – implemented protection against sweat, you can not swim in them accurately.

Working hours

In the “ideal conditions” Meizu EP52 worked 9 hours and 50 minutes. That is, I turned the music on almost to the maximum and put the phone with the headphones in the desk drawer. After discharge they were charged in 1 hour 40 minutes. A signal about the discharge of the battery is given about 40 minutes before it is completely discharged. The time of connecting headphones to the smartphone is less than 5 seconds.

Experience of use

Meizu EP52 liked me sound quality and working time. The headphones have a well thought out design, they are large enough not to get lost, and are “graceful” enough to fit comfortably into your pocket.

Mp3, flac-files, sound from video – all this is played without problems. As a headset, they also justify themselves. The range of headphones 10 meters at least. Small interruptions were heard only when I left the phone in one room, and myself went into the kitchen. The distance is about 12 meters, there were 2 walls between me and the smartphone, that is, the headphones caught a reflected signal.

But the management is implemented in C grade. The volume control keys, and in combination with switching tracks, are not sufficiently convex, or something. Half the time I had to feel the headset for a couple of seconds to find the right button.

Competitors. It is difficult to talk about competitors, because headphones can not be estimated only at the price and declared characteristics. Much depends on the implementation of a particular model. But if you rely only on price and TX, it’s Philips SHB5950WT or Samsung U Flex.


  • a good sound for your money;
  • comfortable design;
  • good working time.


  • not convenient management.


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