Best cheap smartphones

HTC Desire 530

An interesting feature of this device is original color solutions – a gray and white remix that look like small splashes of contrasting paint on the main background. However, conservative design options for the HTC Desire 530 are also available. In terms of performance, this smartphone is not noticeable, and in our rating of the best inexpensive smartphones has got thanks to its support of NFC technology, which is very rare for the budget segment.

It is noteworthy that with the ability to exchange data on all LTE bands used by domestic telecom operators, the device is also in order. Although the device belongs to the younger line of the current Desire family, many HTC branded solutions are present in it. In particular, the convenient news aggregator Blinkfeed, built into the user interface and displaying their announcements on one of the screens. The smartphone will suit lovers of selfie because it understands voice commands and is equipped with several “improvements”, but the quality of the pictures of its main camera is not impressive.


  • Support for NFC technology.
  • Works in all current 4G ranges.
  • Several power-saving modes.
  • Interesting colors.


  • Decently removes only in good light.
  • Very modest performance.

Meizu M5s 32GB

Until recently, this phone did not fit into the price range under consideration, but after the start of sales, the Meizu M6 dropped significantly and is now a very profitable option for acquiring. For a similar amount, you can buy only a younger model of the novelty, with smaller amounts of built-in and RAM, and no major improvements in it.

Actually, the company has long avoided drastic changes in terms of design, as well as the capabilities of its budget smartphones. In principle, it can and not bad, but it would be more economical to get the “stuffing”, it’s a good load for MTK chips to heat up.
So, the M5s model boasts a partially metal case, a traditional multi-function mTouch key with a built-in fingerprint scanner (by the way, the M5c does not have it), sufficient memory resources, dual-band Wi-Fi and fast charging mCharge. There is no NFC module in the device, but Band 20 is supported.


  • Convenient control with the help of gestures and mTouch keys.
  • There is a fast charge.
  • Supports all important LTE frequencies.


  • Noticeable heating under heavy load.
    Can not work with contactless payment systems.
    Combined memory card tray and SIM card.

Meizu M6 16GB

This manufacturer has found its “formula” of a successful inexpensive smartphone and is not yet going to make radical corrections to it. You can even say that the recent changes in the budget line of the company Jack Wong are evolutionary in nature. A little better screen became – now it uses a matrix from Sharp and there is no air layer.

The camera part was updated – the difference in the quality of the received photos is quite noticeable (with the predecessor), although the noise and the drop in detail in the difficult conditions of the shooting have not gone away. The design is almost the same, except for the appearance of pretty thin strips on the back cover.

By the way, it is made of polycarbonate, but with a dusting under the metal – the tactile sensations are similar, but the hand does not cool in the winter. The processor is faster, the interface is newer. The most convenient multifunction key mTouch was supplemented with an alternative in the form of on-screen buttons and a virtual SmartTouch (included from the notification blind). In general, everything is very tempting, except for the price.


  • A solid screen.
  • Supports all current LTE-bands, including Band 20.
  • Convenient control system with several alternatives.


  • Modest volumes of operational and built-in memory.
  • Hybrid card tray.

ZTE Blade Z10

The “chip” of this budget smartphone is an interesting appearance – against the background of banal black-and-white-silver competitors, it looks, at least, boring and thoroughbred. And the official name of some colors sounds even exquisitely: “young pink” or “deep blue”, for example. But that’s not all, as the material for the back of the case is used plastic with a soft-touch coating, so the Blade Z10 does not slip at all in the hand.

On the company’s website, this finish is compared to sea pebbles. In terms of ergonomics, you can find fault with the lack of fingerprint scanner and on-screen buttons if you have an absolutely “empty” bottom frame. In all other respects, we have a typical good budget smartphone-plus with acceptable performance, autonomy and a camera part. As a kind of bonus, you can consider the ability of the device to exchange data on all the current LTE bands. Here he would have made contactless payments, but what is not, that is not.


  • Interesting colors and soft-touch coating.
  • Supports all ranges used in our 4G networks.


  • No dactyloscopic scanner.
  • Unused subscreen panel.
  • Mediocre performance.

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